Missed Connection?

Compensation for passengers who miss a connecting flight was established by European Regulation EC 261/04, which has set an industry-accepted compensation fee structure, guaranteeing up to £510* per passenger. The ruling considers the delay experienced in relation to the final destination.

Should a passenger be delayed to their final destination by 3 hours or more, which can occur from even a short delay with their first flight meaning they miss a connecting flight, a passenger can claim £510 in compensation.

It is important to note that the airline is exempt from paying this compensation if it can show there were extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all necessary precautions were taken. In many cases (but not all), these can include strikes and severe weather. However, most circumstances where technical issues that should have been identified in normal maintenance cause the delay, a passenger is entitled to compensation. What is considered an extraordinary circumstance can vary, but rest assured that we will contact the relevant parties to gather the necessary information to fight your claim.

To claim your right to compensation for a missed connection with Flight Reclaim, simply enter your flight data here. Our clever bit of software will let you know right away if you’re entitled to a compensation, and also exactly how much.

If the airline refuses to pay, we’ll even take your case to court with no additional cost. Our Passenger Rights lawyers have an excellent track record in obtaining compensation from airlines for our clients.

Extraordinary circumstances aside, the legal ruling also covers delayed flights, cancelled flights and over bookings, meaning you may be entitled to up to £510 if the delay on arrival was three hours or more.

Although passenger rights are clearly regulated in the EU Regulation 261/2004, it has been seen that airlines show little cooperation and usually counter by listing numerous arguments as to why compensation is not possible.

With Flight Reclaim you have a strong partner by your side to enforce your right to compensation where the airlines have caused disruption to your travel.

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* Estimate of fluctuating value of €600

01) How much can I claim for a missed connection?

How much you can claim from the airline depends on the distance travelled over the course of your entire itinerary. If you reached your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, then you may be entitled to the following refunds:

02) Which cases of missed connections are covered by the law?

Missed connections covered by EU 261/2004 are those that are caused by a cancellation or delay on a flight which is individually under EU jurisdiction. These include all flights out of any EU airport, regardless of airline or destination, and flights into the EU operated by an EU carrier.

If you missed a connection and reached your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, you could be eligible for up to £510.

The following hypothetical itineraries would entitle the passenger to up to £510 barring extraordinary circumstances which would make the airline exempt from compensation payments.

Berlin – Frankfurt – London operated by Lufthansa, if a delay or cancellation on the Berlin – Frankfurt leg caused the passenger to reach London with a delay of three hours or more
Berlin – London – New York operated by Delta, if a delay or cancellation on the Berlin – London leg caused the passenger to reach New York with a delay of three hours or more
Miami – Frankfurt – Madrid operated by Iberia, If a delay or cancellation on the Miami – Frankfurt leg caused the passenger to reach Madrid with a delay of three hours or more

The following, however, would not be covered by EU 261/2004:

Miami – New York – Frankfurt (regardless of airline), if the delay or cancellation occurs on the Miami – New York leg, as it is fully out of EU jurisdiction

Frankfurt – New York – Toronto (regardless of airline), if the delay or cancellation occurs on the New York – Toronto leg, as it is fully out of EU jurisdiction

03) How long do I have to make my claim?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, you can claim back as far as 6 years for a missed connection resulting from a delayed flight.

04) Does the law apply only to Europeans?

No. Passengers from any nationality can claim if their flight is covered by the EU Regulation 261/2004 as described in FAQ 2.

05) How long does it take to get my refund?

For compensation as a result of a missed connection, we currently operate with an average case resolution time of about 100 days. However, this may vary based on the airline and the route. Cases which we resolve in court can take a few months.

06) How is the refund paid? How much does it cost me to claim with flightreclaim.co.uk?

Once the airline agrees to settle your compensation for the delayed flight (or a court rules that the airline must pay you the compensation), Flight Reclaim will receive the entire sum. We will then deduct our commission, of 25% (plus a £25 administration fee) plus VAT and transfer you the balance, either via PayPal or bank transfer.

Once we’ve received the payment we’ll ask you for your details and preferred method of payment, and 48 hours after the payment is made we’ll delete this data to ensure your data is protected.

On occasion the airline will pay the passenger directly. At this point we will only invoice for our services once we know the compensation has been paid to you by the airline.

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07) Can I claim for additional damages?

It is generally understood that the standard compensation payment should cover additional expenses incurred by the passenger. To streamline and accelerate the claiming process, we do not accept claims for additional expenses.